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25 April
I'm happily married to masterspork and am the proud mother of a handsome boy, Nathan. We got through our first deployment and I'm relieved to say it's over :) We're now stationed in Alaska and enjoying life as a whole family.

I'm learning that being happy isn't wrong and that I deserve to be happy. I love getting mail, even more when it's a fun package. I (probably) read too much, I don't write enough, I shop too much and love a good garage sale. I laugh a lot, watch too much tv and don't sit outside enough. I love blankets so I keep the house cold. I cross stitch regularly unless I'm not talking to my current project. I've learned to crochet, so now I have new stuff to work on.

My journal is friends only now. I don't post here anymore but this journal is filled with all my thoughts for a long time in the past.

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